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The EU and the Irish border .
To IRELAND  what do you do if a lorry has loads of drugs guns cheap booze smokes crossing NORTH or SOUTH do you just let them flow to and fro
without any checks?..

Now if you don't check THEN what's the problem with ITALIAN PASTA if your not bothered by drugs guns and what not why are you bothered by PASTA ?
So fuck the guns and drugs quick pasta is bad lets check Cheesy Cheesy..

Now if you say we do check for drugs and guns THEN what's the problem with checking whiles your there for pasta ? Wink

I mean most don't worry about goods they worry for drugs and guns YES or NO ?..

So what's all with the BREXIT we voted out so why are you letting a border get in the way when no need for border you must check some lorries for drugs YES or NO ?  ..

The MEDIA has blagged you thick sculls to believing it will be bad for you when it wont ..
Computers are the middle men  no need for POLITICAL BUM MIDDLEMEN BACKHANDER THIEVES ..

Go online and do BUSINESS ..FUCK THE EU   middlemen gangsters ..BUMS TOO Wink..

We want a UNIVERSAL INCOME    Grin  Everyone gets 10k starting point to live..

Ed Miliband on universal basic income - BBC Newsnight - YouTube
Video for ed miliband universal basic income▶ 5:30
19 Feb 2018 - Uploaded by BBC Newsnight
Kirsty Wark is joined by former Labour leader Ed Miliband to discuss the idea of a universal basic income ..

MPs  get free 100k free private schools  free home   WE WANT 10K Wink..

You politicians talk shit for 100k ..


Carillion is no one-off scandal. Neoliberalism will bring many more ...
1 hour ago - 'Recklessness, hubris and greed' describes the entire system of delivering essential public services through profit-driven companies, says

I cannot be bothered i will outsource the public jobs to private TWATS..

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