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Digital currency wallet and trading platform startup features/ideas
Hi all,

Since I have access to great developers and 18 years software development experience I've decided to jump into hot digital currency market to develop our own digital multicurrency wallet and trading platform.
Maybe this thread would be helpful for any start-ups who want to create the similar projects.

Here is a small list of features and marketing ideas.

Features for wallet:
- multicurrency wallet
- cloud based and mobile app wallet
- send/receive payments
- recurring tasks (pay, buy or sell cryptocurrency)
- trading tasks (sell/buy digital currency at price XXX)
- contactless payments via NFC, QR, ApplePay, AndroidPay (for mobile app)
- connected virtual card
- issue loans
- escrow payments
- insurance protection of wallet
- add notes to transactions
- connect bank account, your credit or debit card
- local exchange rates
- make two types of wallets (simple and advanced)

Features for trading platform:
- in one click from wallet Web interface become a trader
- cloud based and mobile app
- 2 factor authentication
- margin trading
- margin funding
- advanced orders (limit, market, stop, trailig stop, fill/kill, oco, post only, hidden order, iceberg orders, TWAP)
- issuing your own tokens for trading
- live trades, live order book (ask, bid)
- show your trading history to others and collect funds for trading or invest in other traders(funds)
- customized charts

Ideas how to promote the project:
- referral system
- blog
- guest posts
- FB/AdWords Ads
- network of agents/representatives to promote service locally (e.g. like Uber does)

PS.: If you have any feature requests, can refer me to advisors/mentors or give valuable advices feel free to post them here or contact me directly

My best regards,
Valera Vlasyuk
Skype: valera.vlasyuk

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