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Is it possible for an exchange tool to have staking method?
Hi everyone, I've been amazed with the introduction of this exchange that will open on the  third quarter of this year named Shardax. I don't know if there are working exchanges that does this already. I know staking is usually done on support wallet which a certain asset you hold gains percentage income from a certain period of time by holding it. So if youre gonna hold tokens inside of an exchange while still on the order book and you will gain some of it, I think this exchange if succesful will be mainstream and the idea is quite amazing.

(image taken from shardax website)

Right now, they are in the process of coin voting for possible listing and as mentioned above will be live on the third quarter of 2018. I want to check a lot of details about this concept of them but it seems the website are only limited to subjective topics and no explanation yet on how this idea will work. If some of you bumped and known much information about this, I hope you can share it cause I'm really interested with it.

For those who doesn't know anything about it. Here is their website for information

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