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XSN Stakenet - One of the best hidden gems available, here's why....

Stakenet ? XSN is looking pretty hot this year and is still massively under the radar so sit down and get comfy and I?ll tell you why you should give XSN a look. 

They have already successfully completed their coin swap and are about to announce the completion of the burn any day now. Also their Whitepaper is releasing in 4 days, there is a countdown on the website hence why things are ramping up. With those out of the way the can now begin to approach to larger exchanges. So what makes XSN special and why should you be interested, let see:

TPoS ? Trustless Proof Of Stake

XSN have already successfully launched TPoS, a world?s first. If you don?t know what TPoS is then please check it out as it is a fantastic innovation for the crypto space. Essentially you can stake your coins via a merchant while keeping your actual coins safely in your own wallet in cold storage/offline, in short Offline Staking. This is attractive for the security conscience as with normal PoS models you have to leave your wallet online and unlocked to get rewards making it an easy target for hacking. There are plenty of merchants about to haggle a great commission rate and the process itself is super easy for the end user to setup. It is essentially 3 easy steps:

1 - The merchant sends you an address which you paste into the TPoS section of the wallet.
2 - Put in the amount of XSN you want to stake and the commission you wish to pay the merchant.
3 - Hit go and that?s it, as simple as that. The merchant then confirms things on their end and the rewards start rolling in.

You can then close your wallet down and forget about it, open your wallet a week later and all those rewards you have collected will flood in, it?s brilliant. No more having to worry if your PC has shutdown or your network connect has gone down or even about your own electric costs. Letting the merchant take care of the actual staking using their specialist hardware means that network integrity is improved as well as being more eco friendly. It will be available on Ledger Nano-S, you can check on Ledgers Trello and see it on their own roadmap and also will be available on other hardware wallets for extra security options. So yes you will be able to stake via Ledger very soon. You will even be able to get your staking rewards in a different coin if you wish like BTC, ETH or others.

DEX - Decentralized Exchange

They will be launching their own DEX run directly through the Masternode Network. In order to get things ready they will be implementing Segwit Update, Lightning Update, MN Watchtowers, MN Lightning Channels, Auto Updates and much more. This will also be tied in with a Multi Currency Wallet to hold all of these coins and different chains. Eventually they are looking to implement Cold Exchanging from hardware devices too. They have really ambitious plans for the DEX so it is not cut from the same mould as current DEX?s but something different all together. The DEX should see great returns for MN holders as it they will be scooping up extra rewards from the fee?s generated by the trading volume on the DEX. It also seems like they may be looking to implement reduced fees when using XSN to pay the trading fee?s similar to BNB and Binance which should drive further demand for XSN itself.

They aren?t stopping there either but are also adding privacy features and combining new tech such as bulletproofs and zkSNARKs. They are looking at On Chain Scaling Solutions (Sharding) to raise tx throughput. Finally DAPPS will be built on the XSN blockchain.

All of this and much more is on the roadmap to be completed by end of Q4 so just over 6 months. They have hit all of their milestones so far and are on track to deliver what is promised. A great article was published by XSNs Director of Operations yesterday which I would definitely recommend having a read through to gain a glimpse of what the overall vision is for XSN and how Cross Chain solutions will be at the forefront of Blockchain tech.

XSN has a lot going for it and looks to have a very bright future indeed but here is the kicker, it only has a $20M Marketcap. It?s ridiculously undervalued for what they are building and have built already. The reason for this is lack of marketing, the devs have been so busy building this great tech that they forgot to tell anyone about it. They are now taking steps to remedy that and have hired a marketing manager to lead a marketing team to push XSN forward on that front leaving the devs to do what they do best, code. I believe that once people start to realise what is going on with XSN it?s going to take off pretty quickly, hence why I am so bullish on it and think it?s one of the best under the radar projects for 2018 currently.

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